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What the whole foods

June 01, 2020

Some people might think that eating vegan will help them to have healthier meals and improve their health. And they are partly right. However not all vegan food options will help them to hit that goal. In order to eat healthy vegan meals, you need to eat vegan whole foods.

Nowadays there are many ready vegan fast foods that are easy to eat. You just need to microwave them for a couple of minutes and you are ready to enjoy it. As simple and that. And let’s be honest, who does not enjoy this kind of food that they are ready to eat. It saves you time and energy from cooking and washing dishes. This is a great option for people who have a tight schedule and they do not have any time to make a quick meal. However, it should not become your only source of food and we will tell you next, so stay with us. But first let’s understand what are whole foods, where can why find them and why we should eat them often.

What are whole foods?

Before starting to talk about the benefits of whole foods, let’s have a better understanding of what are whole foods.

Whole foods are all the foods that are as close as possible with their natural state. Food that has not been processed by the humans in order to convert them into ready to eat foods. An easy way to identify whole foods is to think about the products that come straight from farms.

Whole foods

Some examples of whole foods are:

  • fruits
  • beans
  • vegetables
  • grains
  • raw meat

The reason why whole foods are healthier is because they contain less chemicals, such as preservatives, that help the food to last longer.

This kind of chemicals has a negative effect in the body if you eat them regularly and they can even cause you diseases

Whole foods benefits

If you want to take care of your body and improve your current health. One of the best choices you can do is to eat whole foods.

By eating whole foods you get all those vitamins, minerals and fiber that your body needs without eating other substances that can be nocive to the body.

Healthy Adult

Many researches conducted by nutritionist have found that by eating mainly whole foods, you can reduce the chance of getting mortal diseases, such as diabetes, heart attacks and even cancer.

Another reason why it is healthy to eat whole foods is that you reduce the amount of bad fats you consume and you start consuming more good fats.

Usually not whole foods contain high amounts of saturated fats and trans fats. These fats are harmful to your body.

On the other hand, whole foods contain great sources of good fats, such as omega-3 and monounsaturated fat. The reason why they are known as good fats is because they are not harmful to your body and they help you to be healthy.

One of the reasons why the mediterranean diet is more healthy than the western diet is because they consume a higher amount of whole foods and good fats.

To summary

If you are still not amazed about the benefits of eating whole foods, I am not sure what else to tell you in order to convince you to eat more whole foods.

It does not matter what kind of diet you are eating, if you want to eat healthy, you need to eat whole foods. By doing it, you will provide only all those rich nutrients to your body.

Also you will start eating automatically more good fats without notice. This will help you with your cholesterol and also will help you to lose weight.

I am not saying that you should give up for the rest of your life on those tasty fast food meals. However, you should eat them . However by eating more whole foods, you will start to get used to it and you will forget the cravings of fast food.

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I hope you enjoy reading today’s blog post and I have convinced you to include more whole foods in your meals. If you have any questions or suggestions. Please contact us by email. We would love hearing from you!