Easy Vegan Cooking

How to become vegan the easy way

June 03, 2020

First of all let me congratulate you on taking one of the best choices for your health and for the planet. It is glad to know that more people are interested in becoming vegan and to eat in a more sustainable way.

Becoming vegan is not easy for everybody. You are used to eating certain foods during your whole life and suddenly you need to change to a different kind of meal. But do not worry, we will help you to make this change as smooth as possible, so you start enjoying becoming vegan from the start. But the most important question is, where should I start?

Learn about veganism and vegan eating

The first thing you should do before starting to cook tasty plant based meals, is to read and learn as much as possible about what is veganism and what is a vegan diet.


It is also important to understand the basics of nutrition, such as what are proteins. If you want to read about proteins and vegan proteins. Check out my blog post about this topic. You can read the blog post about vegan proteins.

Another important thing you need to learn is about whole foods. Let me tell you something, not all products that are called vegan are completely healthy. Some of them have lots of extra chemicals that are not good for your body. Whole foods are foods that have not been processed by humans. If you want to read more about whole foods, check our blog post what the whole foods.

Learn to read food labels

As part of becoming vegan, a skill that is very important is to read food labels. There are so many foods that you will think they are vegan, however when you check the food label, you will notice that they are not.

This skill, as any other skill, takes practice to master. Just start looking at the food labels and understand what the product is made of. If you have any doubts of what certain ingredients mean, just google it.

Get to know people that are vegan

Another great source from where you can learn about how to become vegan, are other vegans. Ask your close friends if they are vegan and learn from them. I am sure they will be very happy to clear out your doubts.

Vegan Friends

If you don’t have any vegan friends, don’t worry. Nowadays with social media you easily make new friends. Also you can join online vegan communities, such as vegan facebook groups. In those groups people can help you with all your concerns about being vegan.

Remember your motivation of becoming vegan

Sometimes you will have hard times while you are eating on a vegan diet since you remember your old favorite foods. But don’t worry, those cravings will disappear when your body starts getting used to eating vegan food.

Meanwhile, during those hard times, remember the reason why you became vegan in the first place and just stick to eat. It is not as easy as it sounds. But at the end it is worth it! After a while of eating vegan, your body will start getting all the health benefits. And you will not miss your previous meals.

Eat tasty food

One of the reasons why people do not eat plant based foods, is because they say they taste awful or they don’t taste at all. Well the reason for that is because you have not spiced it up.

I am sure if you try to eat a steak without spices, it will not taste as good as if you add spices on it. The same principle applies in vegan food.

If you want to learn tasty and easy vegan recipes, you should download our free app easy vegan cooking .

Every day add new vegan recipes that you can try. At the beginning it will feel weird to use plant based ingredients, but with time and practice it will get easy and you will become a master vegan chef. Just give it a try and remember to practice.

Vegan Meal

Take it easy

Let me tell you something, it is ok that in your first vegan meals you still keep your favorite food in the recipes. Don’t stop yourself from eating all the food you are already used to eating. This will make transitioning to a vegan diet very easy and without any issues.

I will suggest that first you keep a vegetarian diet, where you just add more vegetables to your meals.

Vegetarian snack

Then try to reduce the amount of meat in your meals and at the same time try to add more sources of vegan proteins. If you want to know a good example of vegan proteins, check out my blog post about the best vegan protein sources .

To summary

Becoming vegan is not an impossible task. Of course it takes some time and learning from your part. I suggest you start eating a more vegetarian diet, where you still eat your favorite foods, but slowly start adding more plant based foods in your meals. When cooking your meals, it is important to spicy them. They will make them tasty.

If you have any doubts or concerns about being vegan, you should join online vegan communities, for example in facebook. There a lot of people will help you with any doubt you have. Also you can ask your close friends who are vegan. If you are having a hard time eating vegan meals, don’t give up. Remember your motivation of why you decided to become vegan and just go for it. Your body and the planet will appreciate it.