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All you need to know about b12

May 27, 2020

I am sure you have heard a lot of people asking how to get b12 and b12 supplements. And you just wonder what they are talking about. Then this is the perfect post for you. If you are also starting to eat more vegan meals and you are wondering how you will get b12 in your system, this post is also perfect for you.

In this easy vegan cooking post we will cover the basics of b12. Then we will discuss some good sources of b12 vitamins for vegans. Finally we will mention the symptoms of b12 deficiency so you can start taking some actions if you feel to have b12 deficiency.

So, stay with us and start understanding more about this important vitamin for your body.

What is B12?

I am sure that you are wondering why there is a picture of dirt if we will discuss vitamins and food. Shouldn’t it be a picture of tasty fruits and vegetables. Well, in fact, b12 comes from dirt.

B12 vitamin, also known as cobalamin, is a bacteria that is found in the soil and in the gut of the animals. In order to get b12 from the soil, the soil requires to contain the mineral cobalt.

The reason it is hard to get b12 vitamin from plants is because most of the soil of the farms does not contain cobalt. Also because we wash the fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating them.

The reasons why our body needs this vitamin is because it affects the formation of neurological tissue, in the production of red blood cells and DNA. That is why you should have a proper amount of b12 vitamin in your body.

The b12 vitamin comes from the dirt from the ground. The reason why most animals contain b12 vitamin is because they obtain it while eating their food. Then it is observed in their body and it is contained in the meat. The reason why b12 vitamins cannot be obtained from plant sources is because we washed our vegetables before consuming them. Therefore, we cannot get b12.

B12 sources

Most products that come from animals contain b12 vitamins. Luckily b12 vitamin is a bacteria and it can obtain from other sources.

Fortified Cereals

Some good source of b12 vitamin for vegans are soy milk, fortified cereals, nutritional yeasts

B12 deficiency

B12 deficiency is a health risk. It can cause several problems to our body, such as anemia, nerve damage and neurocognitive problems such as dementia.

B12 deficiency symptoms

Some of the early symptoms of b12 deficiency are tingling in the hands or feets and fatigue. Other symptoms that you will start to feel if your body is deficient in b12 vitamin are:

  • short breath and dizziness
  • blurred or disturbed vision
  • depression
  • swollen and inflamed tongue

B12 deficiency risk group

Among the people that are at risk of having b12 deficiency are elderly, people with reflux problems that are constantly taking antacid drugs and people who are eating a vegan diet that does not add b12 vitamin in their meals.

Elderly people

The recommended dose a person should consume of b12 per day is 250 micrograms per day. This can be obtained through b12 supplements or by eating foods that contain b12.

To summary

B12, as any other vitamin, is important to consume in order to make your body function properly. Without eating this vitamin, you can suffer from several diseases, such as dementia and even blindness. It is easy to prevent you from lacking b12 deficiency, you just need to get the proper amount of b12 in your system (around 250 micrograms).

Although most meats contain b12, it is easy to add b12 in a vegan diet. You can take b12 supplements or you can eat foods that contain b12, such as soy milk, fortified cereals and nutritional yeast. So just don’t forget to include that in your meals and you will be fine. Even it is healthier since you are not consuming those trans fat that you get from animal protein.