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"This is the place for vegan food lovers"

Welcome everybody to easy vegan cooking. This is the place for all food lovers who are looking for new delicious vegan recipe ideas.

Here in easy vegan cooking you will find tasty vegan recipes that are simple to prepare but at the same time full of flavour. This site is for everybody who is interested in learning new vegan recipes. You do not need to be an expert chef in order to try our recipes. We will keep them as simple as possible so you can follow along!

Keep it simple and tasty

From simple salads that you can prepare in 5 minutes, to a bit more complex vegan desserts. We got you covered! We encourage you to try our recipes and enjoy delicious meals with your friends and family.

Cooking can be fun. Just follow our recipes, put some nice music and enjoy cooking our recipes!

Our recipes are designed for beginners who are starting to learn how to cook vegan meals. Also it is suitable for busy people who are looking for options for preparing easy and quick meals that will help them to eat healthy and tasty.

Our mission

Nowadays is hard to find time to cope with daily life activities and eat healthy. We thought there should be a way to make it easier for people to cook healthier. And that is how easy vegan cooking started.

Easy Vegan Cooking was created to help people to eat in a more healthy and sustainable way. In order to achieve this, we create easy to follow this app that contains vegan recipes that anybody can cook.

We believe it is possible for anybody to be healthy and eat tasty meals

About the app

Since we want you make you happy and save time while cooking. We consider the best way to provide you the best cooking experience is through an app. No need to search over and over for your favorite recipes and make paper groceries list!

We want everybody to be healthy, that's why the app is available for free. In order to keep it free, it contain ads. You can download it only from google play store at the moment

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If you don't like to see ads, don't worry. We have also an ad-free version of the app.

You can get it from google play store at the moment

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Please feel free to send us an email and share us all your comments and suggestions. We would love hearing from you!

If you have any easy vegan recipe that you would like to share with us, and why not appear in the application. Send us the recipe by email

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